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Hines EDM is at the intersection of documents, logistics, and technology. We are a small engineering team looking for talented individuals who believe in our mission and want to make a huge impact. Naturally, you will strive for innovation and help shape the future at Hines EDM. We have multiple stakeholders including our vendor partners, end consumers, and corporate customers. The code you deploy will have immediate impact. The ideal candidate is a team player who works well with other functions of the company. Of course, a passion for information design and documents is a big plus!

Hines EDM is always looking for new talent to tackle tough and interesting problems that are faced in the document management-industry. If interested in any of the position(s) listed below feel free to drop us a line at or fill out the contact form below.


Data Scientist

As a Data Science Engineer at Hines EDM, you will solve complicated problems around logistics and optimization. Your brain is wired to crack algorithms that will make processes faster and more efficient. The Traveling Courier Problem is something you’re hungry to tackle. You’re interested in routing, marketplace supply/demand forces, and using big data to solve real problems. You also think of all of the factors that affect a problem, and can present ideas on how to rank and address those factors. You can code your algorithms, test them with historical data, and also design worst-case tests. Finally, you will measure and benchmark your results, present them, and improve them over time.

Bonus points for experience in a fast-paced startup environment, strong data visualizations, and subject matter expertise relating to documents.


  • B.S. (Masters/PhD is preferred) in a quantitative discipline such as Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, or Statistics
  • 2-4 years of software engineering experience (Ruby preferred)
  • Expert in data analysis and research

Senior Full Stack Engineer

As a Full Stack Rails Engineer at Hines EDM, you will be building solutions to difficult problems that span all levels of the technology stack. You will lay out and propose your own designs, make database migrations, code the business logic, and integrate with our existing technologies; you will own your project and build it start to finish. You will also be responsible for the architecture and technologies that the company will use. Finally, as a senior engineer, you will provide guidance and training to junior engineers.

Bonus points for experience in a fast-paced startup environment, UI/UX design knowledge, and native mobile development experience.


  • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent
  • At least 5 years of experience in web development utilizing the following:
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • HTML, LESS & CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript
  • Git
  • Bonus points: (Object-Relational) Database Expertise, Web Security, Algorithms, Testing


Intermediate Front-end Engineer (UI/UX Design)

As a Front-end Engineer at Hines EDM, you will design and build beautiful solutions that span across multiple channels and platforms that affect tens of thousands of users. You will also review team and customer feedback in order to improve our existing products, reducing friction and increasing conversions. You are able to concisely review and present tradeoffs between design choices and are comfortable with reaching a quick, effective consensus with the rest of the team in order to iterate on the product at a rapid pace.

Bonus points for experience in a fast-paced startup environment, customer development experience, and outsourcing appropriately.


  • 2-5 years of professional work experience in user interface and user experience design
  • Understanding of good design principles, typography, web and mobile standards
  • Expert in tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and wireframing software
  • Proven knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and AngularJS, with the ability to demonstrate past projects
  • Ability to design for any platform (Web, Mobile Web, iOS, Android)
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is preferred

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