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Business Process Automation

DocuPhase provides a completely automated paperless solution suitable for any size organization. It is capable of starting at the departmental level and expanding to meet the needs of a global enterprise. DocuPhase saves millions by making a dramatic impact on all business processes, improving productivity, quality, compliance and security while reducing the costs of filing, storage, distribution, shipping and other labor associated with document based processes.


Capture and Scanning

PSI:Capture is an advanced Capture and Archive Solutions provide businesses with an efficient, automated way to scan, capture, process and store documents.


Document Management

With Contentverse you can quickly find and view any file type. Native support for over 400 formats. Mobile device compatibility. Familiar “file cabinet” hierarchical document structure allows for easy organization and searchability.



Microfilm Archiving

Hines EDM is a leader in Microfilm to Digital conversions.

  • 16mm
  • 35mm
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Aperture Cards – We Do It All!


Hines EDM is an authorized representative of Fujitsu, offering enterprise-class scanners that have speed and precision unparalleled in the industry.