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  • Save time filing, locating and managing documents
  • Access any document at any time in seconds
  • Edit and send documents
  • Track your editing
  • Use your time more efficiently
  • Enjoy a less cluttered office/work space
  • Audit quickly
  • Track document use
  • Customize to your individual use
  • Print any document on demand



How easy is it to use?

Well, if you’ve used Microsoft Office, you’ll be able to use Contentverse. We’ve matched the UI of Contentverse to the look and feel of software you’re already using, which means we’ve knocked the first big roadblock to learning new software out of the way.  And yes, it also works with your existing scanners and other input devices.


View any file type.

Don’t have the software to view a specific document? Don’t worry. Contentverse allows you to view over 400 file types whether you have the native app on your PC or not. Having Contentverse on your side means never again having to say “I can’t open it”. Microsoft Access? Check. Adobe Illustrator? Indubitably. AutoCAD? All day, baby. Contentverse takes file conversion out of the equation.


Let workflow take it from here.

Our automated workflow keeps a list of items assigned to you within the system. Did you remember to sign off on that purchase order? Did you remember to file it? Contentverse has that information at all times and it never forgets. Imagine a workflow where you simply drag an expense report to a folder and it’s automatically routed through to appropriate individuals say to approve, sign off, cut a check, and file it away with no effort on your part to track its progress at any stage.

That’s the power of Contentverse workflow. Automated document and content workflow is guaranteed to improve your organization’s productivity, flexibility, accountability, and service-response times. That’s a neat little collection of goodies packed into one package. I guess you could say that Contentverse is the bee’s knees in a cat’s pajamas. Or something like that.

Less searching, more finding.

We’ve all been there: you know you have a file, but you have no idea where it is. If it’s a physical document, grab a coffee and start sifting through a bunch of filing cabinets. If it’s a digital document, it could be anywhere (on a computer, in someone’s email, on a shared drive or thumb drive, etc.), but it might as well be on a desert island. Your file is either lost or it’s going to take a lot more of your time to find.

With Contentverse, this doesn’t happen – our digital filing system retrieves any file quickly, even if you remember just a sliver of its name or contents. Imagine searching for a file based on this bit of information across your entire organization… and having it pop right up. That’s what Contentverse does. It finds tiny needles in very large haystacks. Instantly.


Go on autopilot… in a good way.

Contentverse comes fully equipped with workflow designed to imitate, automate, and accelerate your everyday business process functionality to ensure that your organization is running like a well-oiled machine. With Contentverse, you can automate the collaborative tasks you do on a daily basis so you can work with multiple departments, vendors, and partners effortlessly. When a file enters any workflow, automated emails can notify any user to let them know it’s their turn to step up to the paperwork assembly line. The time saved will be off the charts.