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DOCUPHASE solves transactional and paper-based problems for every department for your business management needs. Hines EDM has partnered with DOCUPHASE to provide an easy-to-use and scalable document management solution for growing enterprises. Through the complete integration of process definition, human resource allocation and document management, we deliver the perfect operational platform for information management and process automation.

With a Document Management System from Hines EDM, Inc. your ability to meet compliance requirements and reduce business liabilities increases exponentially – by eliminating lost documents, adding audit trails and securing document access.


Funnel-Full Business management tools

  • Worker and document centric approach to process automation.
  • Integrated document management, workflow automation and data capture solution from one vendor provides seamless data exchange.
  • Point-and-click integration with any desktop or browser-based third party application.
  • Low barrier to entry that encourages adoption with an iterative process of successful expansion form departmental implementations to an enterprise-wide solution.
  • Entirely customizable, designed to fit your way of doing business.
  • Built on open standards service oriented architecture, .NET with C#, AJAX for simplified integration, expansion and modular re-use.
  • Easy to use and easily customized for better business management.
  • All components are browser-based for ease of use, accelerated deployment, and remote management.
  • Automated indexing with character and barcode recognition.
  • End-to-end functionality: scan, recognize, archive, retrieve, automate, and integrate.