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The Leader in Microfilm to Digital Conversions

Whether you need to convert 16mm, 35mm Microfilm, Microfiche, Aperture Cards or Paper documents to a digital format, we do it all!

You simply won’t find better quality or lower cost services anywhere else. With pricing often less than a penny per image, our state-of-the-art and highly secure production facility has converted billions of images for hundreds of organizations. They trust their data to Hines EDM, Inc. Plus, we provide the best warranty in the business – one full year! With our quality and unmatched customer service, you likely won’t need it but it’s nice to know it’s there. And we’ll provide you with a Free Sample for your review before we ever begin the job to ensure your satisfaction.

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Pricing for Digital Conversion, Paper-to-Digital Conversion, and Other Services

If you’re looking for value, you have found it.  Hines EDM, Inc. provides the highest quality output and at the lowest cost. We offer experience, focus and use the latest in Paper, Microfilm and Microfiche scanning equipment. Found a lower price? We will meet or even beat our competitors.

Our experience with various types of Microfilm, Microfiche and other data conversions covers projects as large as 30,000 rolls and as few as 5. Based on rolls of film, microfiche, aperture cards, stacks of paper or on a per-image basis, we will work with you to determine your needs at the best price possible.

Free Sample

In order for you to see the quality of your image before we start your project, we’ll provide you a Free Sample! Hines EDM, Inc. wants to show you how easy and effective the process is and, of course, we want you to be absolutely satisfied with our services.

It is our goal to set the proper expectations for your conversion project. In order to do this, we request that you send a sample of your paper, microfilm roll, or aperture card for testing. Once we receive it, we’ll process it and then send you the digital image for your review and approval before starting with the project.

You’ll be surprised at how fast we’ll get it back to you too! Samples are often turned around in as little as 24 hours.  Projects are delivered on or before your timeline.  Look, we know you are busy. Deadlines need to be hit. Our quick turnaround assures that you will hit your project due date, every time.

Quote Request

We are happy to provide a quick and accurate cost estimate on your Digital Conversion or Paper-to-Digital Conversion project. Below is some of the information we will need.  Contact us, or if you prefer, you can download our more detailed client questionnaire.   Whatever method you prefer, you can count on our fast response.

What do you need converted to digital?

  • Paper? Binders, reports, books, and files.
  • Microfilm? Sometimes referred to as microforms, rolls or reels.
  • Microfiche?  Sometimes referred to as fiche, fiche cards or sheets
  • Aperture cards (Hollerith)?  Either is fine!



Why Convert your Microfilm or Paper Documents to Digital?

  • Reduces risks of losing confidential, priceless, historical data and provides you with reliable back-up copies and trusted disaster recovery
  • Faster, easier retrieval & viewing of key documents using your PC
  • Reduces storage space
  • Allows you to easily share your data with others
  • Maintains security and controlled access to documents, files, images
  • Significantly reduces costs to maintain older technology and large climate-controlled storage facilities
  • Going digital saves time. Gone are the wasted hours spent researching and retrieving documents from storage
  • With digital, you no longer have degradation of image/film quality

Get Your Free Sample!

Give us a try; no obligation. See exactly what digital looks like before you commit to doing more. Usually in less than 24 hours. We put the future in your hands today. Plus, you can rest assured that your items will be preserved – forever.

How does it work? Simply send us a sampling of your filmed documents, we’ll process it and send you back a completely digitized image. It’s that easy! Plus, we’ll give you a no obligation quote on your total project if you decide to do more.