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Scanning Division

Hines EDM has a full service Scanning Division with the latest in high speed scanning technology.

We can digitize any type of document, from sticky notes to blueprints and full color maps dozens of feet long. We can even scan bound books!

If your organization lacks the resources to implement an on-site solution, let us do it for you.


Hines EDM awarded contracts by multiple Northern California Cities to “clean out” their archive storage rooms and empty their warehouses. The facilities were stacked with vital documents and building department maps and plans – They were difficult and time consuming to find when needed and susceptible to flooding or other damage.

Our Scanning Division is converting them into useful, high-quality digital documents that are instantly searchable and completely secure, protected from prying eyes and damage or decay.


We also scan and digitize microfilm, microfiche or aperture cards and create high quality PDF or tiff images so they are easily accessible from any desktop or device.


Some of our other services-

Document Management Solutions:

  • Full Service Consultation
  • Business Process and Workflow Analysis, Design, and Implementation
  • File Conversion
  • Hardware and Software Choices
  • Scanning Services & Maintenance
  • Document Retention and Destruction Preparedness

On-Site Training:

  • Complete Cycle – from Implementation to Post-Evaluation
  • Administrative and End-User Classes
  • Version Update Recertification
  • Document Retention and Destruction Policy Awareness

Network Analysis:

  • Client Site Survey
  • System Configuration and Upgrades
  • Installation and Maintenance

System Integration:

  • Compatibility with: CAD, GIS and all ODBC Systems
  • Design of Electronic Filing Structures
  • Implementation of All Templates and Indexes

Scanning Services:

  • Back File Conversion
    • Any Size – Including Large Format E-size Roll Plans
    • Microfilm and Microfiche
  • Day Forward Scanning
  • On-site and Off-site
  • Competitive Rates